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Radd Tour 2006

Welcome to ODSA's Disc Sports Tour page, providing a full outline of the outreach program funded by the Ministry of Health Promotion and various corporate sponsors under a Sport Development Initiative grant. The tour travelled throughout the fall of 2006 across the Province to cities and towns that are equipped with disc golf courses or ultimate leagues.

The program targeted grades 7 & 8 and was built around the core curriculum requirements taught in physical education classes. Each school visited received a detailed teachers' manual written by a Ministry consultant and either 12 Daredevil ultimate discs, rules and an Ultimate 101 DVD, or where appropriate a disc golf package with teachers' manuals, a teaching video, 35 all purposes Innova Shark golf discs, PDGA rules and an Innova practice target. 

All students received instructional handouts overviewing both sports, throwing and catching techniques, contact info, outlining course and league listings.

Each class taught was planned to be 75 minutes in length. The teaching was broken into three elements. First a short 15 minute audio visual presentation on the history of the flying disc, the physics of flight, and an overview of throwing and catching skills followed by a section on various disc sports. This was followed by a 30 minute session on throwing and catching the backhand and the forehand (hands on skills development). This was then followed by a brief 5 minute overview of the particular sport, be it disc golf or ultimate and then 25 minutes of game play.

ODSA hired two qualified instructors that had volunteer screening and were experts in one or both disc sports.....

Dušan Nedelko, Disc Golf Instructor

Dušan is an experienced team leader working with Project D.A.R.E. at Wendigo Lake Expeditions in South River. Dušan has an ecotourism background and loves the outdoors. He is an avid disc golfer and has designed and installed two disc golf courses in Ontario. Dušan feels that this position is a marriage of his abilities as a recreational activity facilitator and his passion for disc sports.

Johnathan Gravel, Ultimate Instructor

Johnathan has been playing ultimate for over 3 years while attending university down east.  He has experience in teaching children, as a softball instructor. He is currently working on his bachelor degree for Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick. Johnathan has mastered many common throws and looks forward to sharing his skills with the youth participating in this tour.

Acknowledgements, Sponsors and Thanks

ODSA wishes to acknowledge Blowfish Creative and the excellent work of Kris Paule and Neil Griffith; for their guidance, creativity and professionalism, working under thight deadlines and for going that extra mile to see the project through. We also wish to thank the Ministry of Health Promotion for the SDI grant funding, Pizza Pizza for under writing some of the disc costs, GAIA for the discounted apparel, Daredevil Discs for the ultimate discs along with Innova Disc Golf for the discounted targets and discs, all delivered under tight deadlines. Special thanks to Wham-o for the Ultimate 101 DVD's, John Houck and Circular Productions for the Learn To Play Disc Golf videos, the PDGA for discounted rule books, Ottawa Carleton Ultimate Association (OCUA) for the complimentary Ultimate rule books, Toronto Ultimate Club (TUC) for the use of some cones and a large travel bag, and finally Discount Car and Truck Rentals for the tour vehicle. Thanks also to Christopher Lowcock and the rest of the ODSA executive for their vision and dedication to disc sports, past, current and future.

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